Truth Markets

May 9, 2007

Our Mission

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In case you missed the “Start Here” box in the top right hand corner of the page, I’ll restate our mission as well as briefly touch upon the proposed architecture and mechanisms for getting us there. The mission of truth markets is to Develop a globally trusted system for assessing the truth value of claims and the trustworthiness of claimants. Simple? Kind of? Good enough. Let the journey begin.

Truth markets are a variant on Robin Hanson‘s idea futures, or the now more popular term, prediction markets. They key differences are that truth markets attempt to evaluate current truth, that is to say, if a politician or member of the media makes a statement today, we want to evaluate the truth value of that statement today. Additionally, all truth claims are tied to one or more claimants. From this, over time we are able to derive a “truth rating” to let us know how trustworthy a given claimant is. Hmmm, so people can be held accountable for what they say? Still interested? Stay tuned…


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