Truth Markets

1 Mission Statement

Develop a globally trusted system for assessing the truth value of claims and the trustworthiness of claimants. The system must be:

  1. free from bias, immune to influence and corruption, and self-sustaining

  2. viable whether or not claimants actively or knowingly participate

  3. inherently compelling and practical enough that at least one such system will be created and made available to the general public without preference



  1. […] Google Labs has a new service called “In Quotes” which might be tweakable to do a truth market of sorts.  Here’s the suggestion I just emailed them on this topic: I would love to use […]

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  2. hey i stumbled across your site and it appears u have the same interest as me maybe we could network in the future or collaborate on something

    Comment by Pat Prendergast — December 8, 2008 @ 8:18 am

  3. […] have proposed one type of technological addition to the “trust ecology” called Truth Markets.  Basically it’s a financial market where instead of trading shares of a company or […]

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